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We are expert in Machine Learning and Computer Vision. We develop efficient AI algorithms for edge computing.


Okio box – the benchmark for home security.
The AI security video processing unit that protects your home, and your data.

Our latest product resolves the most common issues of home security devices on the market today – false alarms and user privacy.

With our brand new Okio box, Evometrika meets the needs of individuals and small businesses wanting to protect their homes and premises using highly intuitive and accurate technology, protecting their privacy and data.

At the heart of this small but powerful device is a customised AI algorithm, built on Edge Computing technology; everything runs locally, eliminating the need for cloud-based data processing.

We designed the Okio box with you, the user, in mind. Accurate, affordable and easy-to-use, this all-in-one solution offers the highest level of privacy and safety, with no subscriptions or hidden costs.

The Okio box can be connected to up to eight simple cameras, transforming your existing devices into smart cameras, capable of vehicles, animals, people, and even familiar faces.

Key features include:


No more false alarms when your pet moves or a garden leaf falls


Thanks to Edge computing technology, collected data is processed locally, meaning the user has control of their own privacy


The customised machine learning algorithms have been optimised for speed

No hidden costs

This all-in-one solution doesn’t need the user to sign up to any subscription to get extra features


The Okio box’s high-performance and durable hardware includes robust features that will last in time

“At a time where Artificial Intelligence is under constant criticism and scrutiny, raising concern over privacy issues, the Okio box is proof that AI can actually protect user data.”

“We addressed the challenges users and small businesses face by creating a device that is secure, easy to use, and that can be connected to existing traditional cameras.”

Luigi Di Carlo - CEO of Evometrika.

Easy and simple – plug and play!

The Okio box is simple to use and to install.

Watch how easy it is to use!